A Pirates Command

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ISBN 978-1-63375-383-9

A Pirate's Command (A Secrets of the Bayous Novel #2)
Release date: July 28th, 2015

The sequel to Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, A Pirate’s Command picks up the story of the hero’s sister, so gallantly rescued in Book One.

His secrets could destroy her…

Colette knew such love and delicious passion in the arms of her pirate husband, Donato de la Roche. Yet, Colette could not continue to live as the wife of a pirate, when reunited with her family. So she fled, taking her son with her, reconciling never to see her husband again…

Until her son is taken.

Donato is convinced his wife is behind his son’s disappearance—just as she’s convince he’s the villain. Now they are unable to leave each other’s side as they seek their child, forced to confront the desire that still smolders between them. But Donato knows he must soon face the secret about Colette he’s been hiding for so long. And it’s a secret for which there is no forgiveness.

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"Wow, I liked this book…the characters are strong, interesting, passionate, and yet realistic. The situations they face are harrowing, including sea battles and rough weather, which are told so realistically that you feel as if you're right there in the midst of the excitement. And the intrigue, the mystery of why the child was taken, what situation they'll find when they get to him, and the truth of Colette's and Donato's past, is just as real and just as fascinating..."
Aug 26, 2015 Kristin Bayer rated it 5 stars Goodreads

"It was enchanting. The scenes and imagery seemed to jump off the page, while the characters brought so much heart and depth to the story, they almost seemed real…With a storyline that never stops and plenty of romance, not to mention twists and turns and incredible spice, this is a novel that will warm even the coldest nights..."
TOP PICK Night Owl Reviews, November 11, 4.5 stars Review by: Hitherandthee

"This book was everything I anticipated; love gone awry, secrets, a sexy pirate, political intrigue, and a smoking hot love story…I liked the slow burn between Donato and Colette.
Aug 01, 2015 Laurie Winter rated it 4 stars Goodreads

"If you are looking for a historical romance novel that is passionate, exciting, and overflowing with love, this is the book for you…what I loved most about this novel is the amount of love that seeps out of each page. Seriously, every motive, every choice, every single situation is handled with love in this novel… It was just breathtaking to see such devotion from such a diverse family.
By Victoria Robertson *{Dive} Under The Cover Blog* on August 15, 2015 4 stars

"I love picking up a good novel and becoming lost into the storyline…perfect combination of historical and pirate hero entwined…filled with non-stop action as the main characters try to win over what was once lost while trying to also find their son…I love the characters…passion that flows off the pages…watch out this does have a cliffhanger but the author will leave you in such a book hangover and hunger for more that you will be jumping for the next one."
By Sue-ellen B. Robertson (GirlyGirlBookReviews) on August 10, 2015 5 Stars


He savored the taste of her, allowing the hotly stirred mixture of her mouth to marinate him in her natural scent of saccharine and danger. Feeling the hot pulsation of her mouth against his, he drew his only breath before her hand slowly migrated upward; not in protest, her fingers walked along his lower arm.

She tried for a breath but he held her firm, reminding her of his strength and that no other man would love her as much as he had. But that was then, not now. She had betrayed him.

Her hand moved up his shoulder, pulling him deeper into the kiss that he had thought to demand from her. Damn her, he wanted her to resist, insist he release her, be forced to accept his power over her, but that wasn’t happening. Instead her power oozed over him like molasses on a hot day, robbing him of the strength he needed to resist. Her fingers continued across the breadth of his shoulders and played with the hair at the back of his neck, like she had done so many times before. He liked it now as he had then. His body nearly curled in response, heat turned inward, upward, so quickly it was now he who needed that breath of fresh air or he’d topple her over and submit to the most beautiful woman he’d ever known. But she was more than
that; she was the woman who had betrayed him.

He pushed her away, dismissing her from his arms—his heart—his life.

He noted she swallowed hard and forced a straightness to her back, like he had seen on the pirogue. She wet her lips,
tasting the remains of their kiss, never taking her eyes off of him. “Disappointed I did not resist?”

There they were standing in their child’s room, his son’s room, where he had entrusted his son to Colette and she
had taken him to America. The sense of betrayal so real, he needed to breathe it out before it suffocated him.

“Perhaps.” He had to admit, a little struggle of resistance might have relieved the cork inside him that was about to blow.

She straightened her shoulders in an attempt to look stronger, but she had melted under his touch, a fact they had both witnessed. He had found her vulnerability, her weak spot, the way to render her helpless. He didn’t want Colette back in his life, for he no longer trusted her, but in thirty-five days, she’d be begging him for mercy.

“But I enjoy much more the fact that you could not resist. Buenas noches.”