Dear Readers,

7/2019: New York
During a writing conference in New York, I met with my agent. She's in the process of arranging a meeting with the producers for the Morgan Chronicles in Los Angeles.

7/18/16: BOOKSELLERS BEST AWARD 2016! (Yes!)

Awarded to A PIRATE'S COMMAND! Very honored and thank you so much. I couldn't make Nationals this year, but would have loved to have been there to hear this announcement on Wednesday night.  Thank you so much!


6/2016: Heard from my agent while at a writer's conference in Green Bay. The Morgan Chronicles has been picked up by a film producer who wants to make a television series out of it!

5/13/16: I'm thrilled! A PIRATE'S COMMAND is a finalist for Detroit's Booksellers Best Book Award! Awards will be presented at the National conference in San Diego. I'll be there and will have my fingers crossed!

2016 Booksellers Best

4/30/16: Not bad! A PIRATE'S COMMAND places SECOND in the 2015 New England Reader's Choice Award!

3/23/16: Yaay! A PIRATE'S COMMAND is a finalist for the 2015 New England Reader's Choice Award!

1/25/16: A PIRATE'S REVENGE Release Day!! Have the jitters, love the cover, and have my fingers crossed. Reviews are coming in good! 

11/15/15: Exciting news!! A PIRATE'S COMMAND has been awarded the TOP PICK from Night Owl Reviews!! Thank you so much for the wonderful review!

Night Owl Reviews Top Pick

11/8/2015: FINAL GALLEYS ARE DONE! THIS IS THE FINAL BOOK of the Secrets of the Bayous Series.

11/6/2015: Cover Reveal, releasing January 25th!

9/21/15: The title Secrets Revealed, Golden Revenge, Book 3 of the Secrets of the Bayous, has been changed to “A Pirate’s Revenge.”

Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous receives a HOLT Medallion, Award of Merit for Historical Long Category.

Holt Medallian

A Pirate's Command, releasing in July, cover reveal.

A Pirates Command


I am so honored to learn that Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous is a finalist in the Historical category. On June 13th, Virginia Romance Writers will host an awards luncheon to announce the HOLT Medallion Winners and Award of Merit Recipients. Thank you to the contest coordinators and judges.

Holt Medallian Finalist

March 13, 2015, Dark Secret, Deep Bayous is a finalist in the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence!

finalist for the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence

February 17, 2015, Title of Book Two, Hidden Secrets, Love Lovers, has been changed to A PIRATE'S COMMAND

A French aristocrat and Spanish pirate must join forces to rescue their son.  She was once his captive, and vows never again.  He wants sweet-loving revenge on the only woman he's ever loved.  But only together, can they battle the dark secrets of his past before it destroys them all. 
Colette Kincaid fled the remote island to free herself of the shameless pirate, Donato de La Roche, and return to her life of pious servitude. But she'll never forget the torrid heat of his gentle touch that unveiled her hidden passion.  When their son suddenly disappears, she must join forces with the pirate who has sworn his revenge, knowing he wants nothing more than to whisk her away into the dead of night and torture her with the very passion she tries to deny. 
Donato de La Roche wants vindication for having taken what he considers his rightful retribution from the lawless seas. Charged with piracy, he'll risk capture to get his son back from Colette. But when the child is abducted by the very powers who want to destroy him, Donato de la Roche, the most infamous pirate of the gulf waters, must partner with the very woman who has destroyed his heart.

Through their perilous voyage, will their burning passion be a curse or will it give them the courage to risk it all...for love? 

February 11, 2015, Great News! Barnes and Noble have chosen Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, for their February Nook Valentine promotion, 28 Days of Love.

February 1, 2015, Edits of second book of the Secrets of the Bayous Series is done.

January 27, 2015, Entangled Publishing nominates Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, for Barnes and Noble’s Nook Valentine Promotion in February, 28 Days of Love.

January 25, 2015, Meg’s French translator has completed French sentences for Book two, Hidden Secrets, Lost Lovers is done!

January 23, 2015, Meg Hennessy finds a Spanish translator who lives in Cadiz, Spain. Donato de la Roche, hero of book two is from Cadiz. She did wonderful work and has completed Spanish translations.
January 21, 2015, Edits begin on Book Two

January 5, 2015, Meg entered Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous into the Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence, fingers crossed!

December 17, 2014, Good News! Entangled Publishing nominates Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, for the Holt Medallion!

November 25, 2014, Hartford Times picks up the article and republishes interview with Meg Hennessy.

November 19, 2014, West Bend Daily News interviews Meg Hennessy.
"Erin Author Enjoys bringing "Secrets" to Life."

November 14, 2014, The Wild Rose Press re-releases Shadows of a Southern Moon in a Boxed Civil War Set entitled Whispers on the Wind! Meg Hennessy’s first book was released in 2009 and still selling.

Whispers on the Wind

August 26, 2014, Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous is here! At your bookstores, on your kindles, it’s here! Thank you, Entangled Publishing, for your faith in this book.

The Story behind the book:

I’m a lover of history, would have to be to write stories that involve so much research. Everywhere we travel, we look for historical markers, historical sights, and off road museums. When I visit these type of places, without fail, I hear the voices and see the characters.
Some I write about, others I don’t.

In our travels, we decided to take the River Road tour to see the old Louisiana Plantation homes. The Laura Plantation really stood out in my mind. It was a Creole home, during the time the Americans took over. I was amazed when I learned the stark differences between the Creoles and the Americans. I bought a couple of books from the gift shop, which I do way too often, and started to read up on the Laura Plantation. Soon I was ordering books from LSU. I was amazed to learn these beautiful women of mixed bloodlines used the plaçage system of interracial marriage to protect and expand their wealth under American rule. As with all of my heroines, Aurèlie Fentonot, stepped onto my page, committed and ready to go.

The hero, Jordan Kincaid, materialized after discussions with my father about the waters along the gulf coast, where he grew up and had sailed all his life. The hero had to be considered white, or American, for the plaçage story, but I needed Jordan doing something more interesting than planting. My father told me old stories about smugglers and the Pearl River, which sent my interest toward characters like Jean Lafitte. Jordan was more than willing to don the mask of a pirate and sail the seas for me, and my story took form.

I love characters that are cooperative and willing to try new things. As a writer, I can tell you, not all of them are malleable. In my first book, Shadows of a Southern Moon, my heroine, Elizabeth Dubay, could not be coaxed to do anything she didn't agree to, where as the hero, Brandt Michaels, was wonderful. Sound crazy? Not to a writer. In Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous, I was lucky, both characters were fun and great to work with. I hope you enjoy their story and meeting them as much as I did. 

Sit back, relax, fall back into time and discover The Secrets of the Bayou.

August 8, 2014, Dark Secrets, Deep Bayous has been signed, sealed, and delivered. The final galleys are done!

April 10, 2014, Editing begins on Book One! Release date August 26, 2014

September, 15 2013, Title of Trilogy changed to "Secrets of the Bayous."
Book One: Dark Secrets, Deep Bayou
Book Two: Hidden Secrets, Lost Lovers
Book Three: Secrets Revealed, Golden Revenge

September 4, 2012, Meg Hennessy signs a print Select contract with Entangled Publishing for the Masquerade Trilogy, scheduled for release May 2014.

January 25, 2012, Great News!  Meg Hennessy signs with Nicole Resciniti, of the Seymour Agency, to represent her Masquerade Trilogy.  A three book series placed in steamy New Orleans, filled with deception, devilish schemes, and love so intense, even a mask can't conceal it....

October 29, 2011, Meg Hennessy receives request for full manuscript by Literary Agent, Nicole Resciniti, of Seymour Agency for WIP Lover's Unmasked.

June 4, 2011, WisRWA Conference, Book signing!

March 4, 2011, Yes!  Whisper of Gold finals in EPIC's Best Western Romance!
EPIC, the Electronically Published Internet Coalition™ ( is delighted to announce that your entry, Whisper of Gold, is a finalist in the Western Romance Category of the 2011 EPIC eBook Awards Competition™.

February 16, 2011, Appearance, off to a signing!  Meg Hennessy's invited to speak at the Hartford Library, WI to talk about "Romancing the Pen" for their Valentine themed evening complete with love-swept hearts décor and a much-enjoyed chocolate fountain.

April 10, 2010, Whisper of Gold's first release! 

March 25, 2010, Interview, Meg Hennessy's interviewed by Borders True Romance Blog after EPIC win.

...thanks so much for the congratulations and for asking me to interview.  Yes, I was thrilled to win the EPIC award, especially with such talented finalists.  After a fabulous weekend attending the EPIC conference in New Orleans, I could not have scripted a better ending than to win the historical romance category.  The trophy is beautiful and I'm still looking for the perfect place to display it in myoffice.

I entered the competition not only as a way to get my name out there, as well as the book, but to get a sense as to whether or not I had succeeded in engaging the reader on an emotional level.  In romance, that is the key element.   I think Shadows of a Southern Moon, a Civil War romance, delivers that emotional impact.

The inspiration for Shadows of a Southern Moon came from my family history.  My heroine, Elizabeth, is in essence my grandmother, my aunts, my cousins; she is the South and represents my father’s old southern roots.  Brandt, the hero, is the composite of my mother’s northern family who fought valiantly for the country and freedom. This book was truly a labor of love and the numerous requests I’ve had to either continue the saga through other characters or future generations, has been so incredibly rewarding.

When I read romance, I want drama, action, but most importantly, I want an emotional charge and sexual tension.  I want to identify with the characters so much so, that I feel their pain and joys.  I want to cry and laugh along with the heroine.  I like characters that step off the page, who find a place in your heart and when finished reading, you miss having them around.  That's the feedback I've received from readers.  They couldn't put it down but hated to see it end.  They miss the characters and want Elizabeth's story to go on.  I couldn't ask for anything more positive than that.

Again thank you for this opportunity!  Meg Hennessy

March 4, 2010, Yes!  Meg Hennessy's, Shadows of a Southern Moon wins EPIC Award for Best Historical Romance!  Meg Hennessy attends the EPIC 2010 Conference in New Orleans and receives award.

November 14, 2009, Shadows of a Southern Moon finals in EPIC's Historical Romance Category!
EPIC is delighted to announce that your entry, Shadows of a Southern Moon, is a finalist in the category R3 - Historical Romance of our 2010 E-Book Competition.

Don’t forget to come join us at EPIC’s annual conference, held in New Orleans at the Sheraton on Canal Street, to learn first-hand the winner of category R3 - Historical Romance

August 10, 2009, Appearance.  Meg Hennessy's invited to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, by the Friends of the Library, for a "visit with the author luncheon and book signing."   Tuesday, August 10th at 11:45 a.m. at the Bay St. Louis-Hancock County Library Meeting Room Annex. Lunch is available for $7 and reservations are recommended. To hold your spot, call 467-5282.  

June 6, 2009, WisRWA Conference, Book signing! 

May 6, 2009, Shadow of a Southern Moon's first release!  The cover is as beautiful, as the hero is handsome! 

March 4, 2008, Meg Hennessy contracts with The Wild Rose Press to publish her second novel, Whisper of Gold.

November 22, 2007, Sound the trumpets!!  Meg Hennessy contracts with The Wild Rose Press to publish her debut novel, Shadows of a Southern Moon.