A Pirate's Revenge

ISBN 978-1-63375-550-5

A Pirate's Revenge (A Secrets of the Bayous Novel #3)
Release date: January 25th, 2016

His touch could destroy her…

Rayna de La Roche once lived a privileged life of a Spanish royal until her brother dragged her to America. In order to return to Spain, she must find a hidden treasure somewhere in New Orleans. She pairs up with a rugged American mercenary, whose mere touch unleashes her deepest desire.

Captain Zachary Nash has been accused of a murder he did not commit. On the run, he’s hired to protect Rayna. As much as he wants her, Zach cannot hope to have her, for she sees him as a common criminal. But keeping his hands off of her while they hunt down the treasure may be his toughest task yet.

As the passion sizzles between the royal and the captain, they’ll have to decide if the treasure is more important than love…

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"A gripping historical romance, with lots of action and adventure. Once you pick this up you wan't want to put it down..."
Petula, Goodreads, Amazon Rating 5 Stars

"The suspense kept me glued to this book"
Brigitte, Goodreads Rating 5 Stars"

"This was such a good story...this is so worth the read..."
Candy B., NetGalley

"Enjoyed it a lot. Loved the setting and characters."
Lori B., NetGalley

" interesting novel full of romance, mystery and drama..."
Fizza Y., NetGalley Rated 4 Stars

"While they team up to hunt down the treasure, their chemistry sizzles. Great historical romance, plenty of drama and suspense and the chemistry between Rayna and Zach is sizzling. Loved it!"
Tammy S., Amazon Rating: 5 stars


The night’s heat had become suffocating with little to no breeze, especially with everything closed up, hiding.
The damp air creamed her skin and small rivulets of sweat soaked her undergarments beneath her dress.
Slowly she sank to the bed, nestling her body to the corner and hanging her feet off the side.

He offered nothing in dialogue, but his presence in the room nearly transformed it. He was a tall, broad-shouldered man, dressed in dark breeches and a dark shirt that opened at the collar and knee-high boots that lacked shine and quality. But…she couldn’t take her eyes off him. With no lighted lamps, it was dark, warm, and the room seemed smaller with each passing moment. Those blue eyes of his caught what little light there was and shone as if liquid sapphires.

She was aware of every breath he took, the rise and fall of his chest, the quick finger comb of his tussled hair,
leaving it equally unkempt. His hands that he had used to touch her so casually spoke of hard living. Yet his mere touch had burned into her skin like the tattoos he bore. The collar that stood open revealed nothing but smooth glorious skin over what she already knew were the well-developed muscles of his chest.

Her fingers curled under her palms, wanting a touch but knowing that would never be. Unkempt, wanted, whether mercenary or outlaw, he wasn’t a man she’d ever know. She drew a deep breath. Regardless of them sitting alone…in a hotel…in the dark…it meant nothing.

He started to pull out his tobacco.

“You will smoke in the presence of a lady?”

“Not if you don’t want me to, Princess.”

That concession surprised her, realizing there might be more to Zachary Nash than what she knew, but that was as far as her knowledge would go. “Do not.”

“A request or command?”

She thought for a moment, having never given much thought in the past, for what she wanted was done—without question. Her pride swelled up in her chest, forcing her to tamp it back down into silence. This man would not take commands. That much she knew. “A request, Capitán.”

“Then I will not smoke.”

Gracias.” She nodded toward the draperies. “Do you think we can light the room now?”

To her disappointment, he shook his head.

“Not until I hear from my brother that all is clear.” She sighed, much too loudly, for she caught his attention. A slight smile worked along the seam of his mouth. “Do I disturb you that much, Princess?”