Whisper Gold -- Meg Hennessy

310 pages, Spicy

Whisper Gold -- Out now from The Wild Rose Press

He came in search of gold but discovered a treasure worth far more than he had ever imagined.

Eaten up with bitterness after rotting in prison for six long years—for a crime he didn't commit—Nathan Stadler wants nothing more than to claim his cellmate's hidden gold and recoup all that he's lost. But there is one beautiful obstacle—Kent's daughter. When desperados arrive, Nathan must choose to either fight for the gold or for a chance to share a future with the woman who has captured his heart.

Maggie Kent needs a vaquero to get her herd on the first cattle drive to Abilene. Determined to prove she's more than just an outlaw's daughter, she's vowed never to love a man like her father. But when a tall, handsome stranger rides in on the soft Texas wind and asks for the job, the question is, can she trust him? Or is he in search of her father's elusive gold?

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EPIC Awards 2011 Best Historical Western, Finalist



Long and Short Reviews:
"...roped in from the start.  Meg Hennessy paints the west in bold strokes...vivid colors...I became so engrossed in this book there were times I forgot I was reading.  Well done..."   Rated: Best Book

Love Western Romances:
"...this story is filled with what readers enjoy in a western romance—adventure, sensuality, and good overcoming evil for that happily ever after."  Rated: 4 Spurs

The Romance Studio:
"This story is full of intrigue...suspense.  Two thumbs up to Meg Hennessy on this one, she has a way of writing that puts you in...the old west."  Rated: 5 hearts


Maggie examined the outside of the newly arrived letter. The handwriting was not her father’s but had come from the Ohio prison—must be about his release. Her mother had expected word at any time. Perspiration formed along Maggie’s upper lip with the idea of seeing her father after all these years. Surely, he’d come to Texas.

She stuffed the letter into her pocket and pushed away from the post heading down the planked walk. She ran straight into a man coming the other direction and stumbled toward the sidewalk. A pair of strong hands broke her fall and steadied her on her feet.

“Are you all right, ma’am?”

Embarrassed, Maggie brushed the man’s hand away, ignoring the little spark of heat from his touch. She widened her distance from the stranger. “I’m managin’.”

This was a small town, and she knew just about everyone in it. He was a newcomer. His face seemed a little angular, and his skin lacked the brutal tan worn by most Texans. Tall, with the lean look of the prairie, he wore a long brown riding coat and high black boots decked with steel spurs.

As the breeze worked through his duster, she caught sight of the Colt he wore on his hip and another pistol tucked inside his belt. By the looks of him, he was a prairie owl, just another outlaw hightailing it from Missouri. Since the war, they had flooded Texas.

She cleared her throat as her balance returned. “Excuse me. I didn’t see you.”

“I think that was obvious, ma’am.” He spoke in a soft southern tone that left a trail of goose bumps on her skin. The tall stranger tipped his hat politely then walked on by, but not before she caught a glimpse of his eyes, brown with a soft amber wash.

He was one handsome prairie owl.