Shadows of a Southern Moon - Meg Hennessy

316 Pages, Sensual
Print ISBN: 1-60154-494-4

Shadows of Southern Moon -- Out now from The Wild Rose Press

In a country torn apart, Brandt Michaels serves the Union. Behind enemy lines, he expects the danger of Confederate skirmishers and swamps. Instead, he finds himself bewitched by a beautiful woman, igniting his passion beyond anything he's ever known. But he soon learns her coy games are only a distraction, as she secretly devises a deadly trap for his capture.

Elizabeth DuBay is determined to teach that Yankee a thing or two. Denying her attraction to the Union officer, she devises a sure-fire plan to foil his mission. But the moment Elizabeth surrenders to her burning desire for one unforgettable night of love, her life changes forever. As her well-set trap closes in on Brandt Michaels, Elizabeth must risk everything for his escape. From their perilous journey through war-ravaged countryside springs a passion too strong for the war to destroy...and too consuming for the lovers to deny....

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EPIC Awards 2010 for Best Historical Romance



www.You Gotta Read Reviews: 
"...a very rich, full novel...wonderfully engrossing plot...the romance and emotional conflict is intense and beautiful.  This is a superb Civil War romance."  
Rated: You Gotta Read

www.Long and Short Reviews:
"An amazing historical novel...Shadows of a Southern Moon is an engrossing and entertaining story of love against all odds."  Rated 4.5 books
"...excellent story that kept me glued to the pages from start to finish...wouldn't mind rereading it someday, it's that good."  Rated 5 stars


She heard the pounding hooves of the Yankee’s horse in spite of the rain. The rider gained ground and approached the side of her mount.

“Rein in,” he ordered, reaching over to snag the bridle. She kicked at his horse. He fell back.

She’d never make it off her own property with a man riding so close, but one hope remained. With steady hands, she reversed her direction and guided her mare toward the road leading to the plantation bell. One or two rings at this time of the night would not only alert her family but also bring in every southern soldier within hearing distance.

Again, that Yankee appeared at her side.

Elizabeth slapped the reins against the mare’s neck. The animal responded with a burst of speed. The bell stood a few hundred yards ahead.

The Yankee’s mount kept pace with her mare. The animals pounded the ground, side by side, racing at a deadly speed. Nausea twisted Elizabeth’s stomach as she tried to secure the reins and stay atop the mount.

“Rein in, I order you.”

Riding abreast of her, the Yankee leaned over and reached for her, but she steered clear and raced past him. He caught up again and before she could out maneuver him a second time, he snared her around the waist and plucked her clean off her saddle.

The reins ripped from her hands as her mount pounded on without her. The oil slicker slipped from her shoulders and fell to the ground. She clawed at her captor’s arms as he tossed her belly-down over his saddle.

“Hold still.” He came to a halt. “Christ, are you trying to kill us both?”

“No, only you.”